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Church History

Our History

The Lincoln Park community in which the Seaton Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church is located had its origins against the background of the Jim Crow laws which were in effect during the first part of this century. One of the social results of Jim Crow was the establishment of separate communities and housing developments for Black Americans. 

By 1904, the Lincoln Land and Improvement Company of Washington, DC became active in the sale of property in this community to Black people. By 1908, as a few families built homes and moved into the Lincoln Park community, it became apparent that the institution so important to Black development – the church – was needed.  The families that recognized this need met on Sundays in different homes and on occasion in the park. 

At first the services were very informal in nature. Then in 1911, the Reverend J.W. Durham, a traveling A.M.E. minister, introduced the small group to the theological discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. 

The church, while first known as the Lincoln A.M.E. Church, then the Bethel A.M.E. Church, was renamed the Seaton Memorial A.M.E. Church in 1918 in honor of its third pastor, the world-traveler, author, lecturer, and physician, Dr. Daniel P. Seaton. 

The land upon which the original church stood was secured in 1913 from the Lincoln Land and Improvement Company. However, the first church building was not entered until 1922 under the pastorate of Rev. W.H. Brown. 

In the early 1970’s under the guidance of Rev. Mack Bell, a determined thrust toward creating a building took shape, and in 1977, Rev. H. Michael Lemmons was appointed to Seaton Memorial with the building of a new church as his highest priority. On April 4, 1982, ground was broken for the new building and on March 25, 1984, the Dedicatory Service for the new Seaton Memorial A.M.E. Church took place. 

In April 2014 Reverend Ronald A. Boykin was appointed to serve as the Pastor of Seaton Memorial with the lovely first lady, Sister Helen A. Boykin. 

Our Vision:

 "To be Bold Disciples Evangelizing our Community with the love of Jesus Christ holding to strong biblical values, faithfulness and a heart for service." 

Our Mission:

"To know, share and build upon God’s love to impact lives through effective and relevant teaching and preaching the message of salvation." 

To God be the glory for the great things that He has done and the blessings that He provided to Seaton Memorial A.M.E. Church family and the Lincoln Community.

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