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Introduction to the Book of Daniel

    Sep 03, 2017

    Passage: Daniel 5:31

    Preacher: Ronald A. Boykin

    Series: Book of Daniel

    Category: Bold Believer

    Keywords: daniel, god, series, sermon


    The exemplary personal character of Daniel makes him a favorite Bible personality for many. He is one of only a handful of men in the Bible about whom God says nothing negative. Although he shared the human nature of all Biblical leaders, he seems to rise above the others because of a combination of qualities:


    In the early chapters of the Book, we see Daniel and his Hebrew friends in action as they live out their faith and leadership in a foreign land. Daniel stands up to King Nebuchadnezzar and requests that he and his friends be allowed to eat something other than what fills the plates of the other young men in the palace. He negotiates terms and ends up stronger and healthier for his decision. This catches the attention of the Babylonian officials and Daniel becomes a man of influence, even as a youth.

    Soon he is interpreting dreams for the king, offering wise counsel to the officials and demonstrating a commitment to his faith – rare for anyone, young or old. Before he is through, Daniel has left a legacy stretching over the reigns of three kings, both Babylonians and Persians. He was a leader who lived the life that God meant for him to live.

    As he aged, he moved from interpreter of dreams to a dreamer himself – providing prophetic insight into the end times. He delivered his deep and complex words from a pure heart, showing himself to be a man who loved God, lived his faith, and wanted to influence many others to embrace Yahweh. As one reads the Book of Daniel, watch for Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego to demonstrate leadership powerful enough to influence entire groups of people to follow.